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Initial MIT Token offering

MiMiner project

MiMiner (center of equipment hosting) – is a physical space and technology environment to provide a full range of turnkey services for the mining of digital cryptocurrency with profitable tariff plans for electricity and maintenance  as well as readiness to operate 24/7.

The full range of services includes: equipment’s host, sale, set up and repair, uninterrupted operation  and maintenance of private blockchains.

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№3 Суть проекта MiMiner

Mining market

Mining and blockchains maintenance markets are currently experiencing high shortage of professional hosting services for miners - the demand greatly exceeds the supply.

MiMiner project is designed to solve the problem and provide everyone with a single innovative platform for placing equipment with minimum electricity prices and 24-hour technical support.

By purchasing tokens you can place the equipment on the most favorable terms. Moreover, the price packages offered by MiMiner are interesting for both technology companies, mining farms and cloud mining, and for private miners.

All these factors make the MiMiner project extremely timely, relevant and attractive for potential token tenants.

№4 Рынок майнинга

MiMiner advantages

Technical infrastructure
Original design engineering solutions allow to minimize the costs of maintenance and cooling equipment
High efficiency
Extremely low prices for electricity and maintenance as well as free installation allows you to increase the income from mining
Service center
The service center saves time on equipment’s maintenance which reduces downtime and technical failures
Absolute transparency
Full legality of the project

MiMiner Tokens investment

Each token (MiMiner) gives the right to use the MiMiner processing center's capacity rent-free for 49* years to accommodate the equivalent of 1 watt of energy consumption of your miner.

Token owners can use these capacities to host their own miners or to rent them out. In fact, this is access to professional mining, but with an unprecedented low entry threshold.

Token owners who are not personally interested in mining or have spare Tokens can also rent them out choosing one of the rental rates set by MiMiner.

Generally, MiMiner charges a hosting fee that covers the cost of renting the farm's facilities and the costs of electricity and equipment maintenance. Token owners do not pay rent which provides more income of mining.

№6 Токены MiMiner

Profit margin calculator

Choose the miner:
Rented MIT Token
Profit Mined
0.15 $day0.000269 Ƀ
1.02 $week0.00188 Ƀ
4.74 $month0.0081 Ƀ
53.00 $year0.098 Ƀ
0.0632 $
MIT token owner
Profit Mined
0.92 $day0.000269 Ƀ
6.44 $week0.00188 Ƀ
27.97 $month0.0081 Ƀ
335.61 $year0.098 Ƀ
0.0404 $
Without MIT Token
Profit Mined
-1.22 $day0.000269 Ƀ
-8.56 $week0.00188 Ƀ
-36.32 $month0.0081 Ƀ
-446.54 $year0.098 Ƀ
0.1035 $
Disclosure: Mining metrics are calculated based on a network hash rate of 91,339,738,808 GH/s and using a BTC - USD exchange rate of 1 BTC = $ 8,534.56. These figures vary based on the total network hash rate and on the BTC to USD conversion rate. Block reward is fixed at 12.5 BTC and future block reward reductions are not taken into account. The average block time used in the calculation is 600 seconds. The electricity price used in generating these metrics is $ 0.0404 per kWh. Network hash rate varies over time, this is just an estimation based on current values.

Available equipment

Майнеры для ICO EN
Antminer L3+, 504MH/s
Майнеры для ICO EN
Antminer D3 17 GH/s
Майнеры для ICO EN
Antminer S9-13.5TH/s
Майнеры для ICO EN
PandaMiner B3 Pro


May-July 2018
Official launch of the project
Company’s registration, Company’s advertising in Internet , launch of the Bounty campaign.
September 2018
Fundraising with a 50% discount off the Token’s price on ICO stage. These funds purpose is to start our own infrastructure construction and conduct a major marketing campaign (paid advertising, meetings, technical support).
September-October 2018
Launch of advertising campaign
Involvement and training of specialists in such areas as marketing, advertising, attendance and participation in events related to our business on a regular basis, arrangement of meetings with investors. Development of software and additional functions of service, transition from designing into building, installation of transformers, power lines, mobile modules for equipment, signing agreements.
November-December 2018
ICO launch, infrastructure construction
Main Tokens sale for designed 20 MW capacity. Tokens being credited first to all PreICO purchasers. Signing the equipment supply agreements with factories and guaranteed suppliers of mining equipment (indicating delivery time by the first commissioning of capacities or earlier). Initial receiving of users funds for already paid equipment so it may be mounted.
February 2019
9 MW capacity commissioning
Commission of 9 MW capacity modules notwithstanding our own infrastructure readiness, installation and startup of users’ mining equipment. Sale, funds receiving for equipment preorder.
April 2019
4 MW capacity commissioning
Building additional modules, sale, preorder of equipment.
May 2019
4 MW capacity commissioning
Building additional modules, sale, preorder of equipment.
June 2019
2 MW capacity commissioning
Building additional modules, sale, preorder of equipment.
September-December 2019
Additional 20 MW capacity commissioning, Token emission
Commissioning of additional modules for the designed capacity, distribution of newly commissioned Tokens among Token holders (as of the date of the new capacity commissioning).
September-December 2020
Additional 20 MW capacity commissioning, Token emission
Commissioning of additional modules for the designed capacity, distribution of newly commissioned Tokens among Token holders (as of the date of the new capacity commissioning).


The innovative infrastructure of the hosting center consists of many independent stand-alone mining modules based on mobile containers.

This engineering solution gives flexibility in capacity, reduces construction costs and allows the commissioning of new modules progressively as new modules are built.
№10 Инфраструктура

3D models of future infrastructure MiMiner


Tokens can be used from the first day of release. The unique engineering solution of the MiMiner hosting center allows the development of new modules in record time, and the first modules can be operated simultaneously with the construction of new capacities.

The capacities are distributed between the tokens owners in order of priority.
№11 Мощности


Chief Technology Office

Engineer, blockchain enthusiast, investor. More than 6-years experience in industrial and civil construction. Works with blockchain technologies since 2014.
Nikolai Kolyasnikov
Chief Commercial Officer

Head of a trading company. Strategic business planning. Budget, procurement plans and sales targets. Negotiations, presentations, exhibitions participation, construction of dealer networks. More than 10-years work experience in business corporations on different positions.
Dmitrii Kolyasnikov
Financial Expert

Financial Expert. Business Consultant. Money transactions management, forecasting and analysis of company’s financials. 7 years work experience.
Anna Romina
Community Manager

Web Development Team Lead. More than 7 years work experience in IT industry.
Nikolai Kachin
Power Engineer

Energy maintenance. Commissioning, exploitation and service of power engineering facilities. More than 14 years work experience in energy production sector.
Pavel Savrasov
Web Developer

PHP Developer. Back-end and front-end Developer. 8 years work experience. Blockchain Developer since 2016.
Aleksandr Semibratov
System develope

C++, C Developer. Database design and development. System Administrator. 10 years work experience in software development
Oleg Kartashov

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is MiMiner?
MiMiner - is a combination of specifically designed rooms, outdoor sites, associated utilities supporting systems and staff. This forms a common physical space and technology environment for mining equipment as well as readiness to operate 24/7.

Infrastructure as a service that provides access for token owners to professional (industrial) mining with a low entry threshold. MiMiner functions: equipment’s host and setup, maintenance of equipment’s uninterrupted operation, service users support, equipment’s repair, intra-service equipment’s purchase and sale among users, maintenance of private blockchains and MiMiner mining equipment full history service.
What kinds of hosting does MiMiner provide?
We provide three main types of Hosting services, token hosting, token rental hosting and token-free hosting. Additional one-time services are repair and installation of third-party mining equipment.
Who can invest in ICO?
Users who have passed KYC verification in their personal account can participate in the ICO.

How to invest in ICO?

The procedure of investing in the MIT token consists of three main steps:

  1. Register in Your personal account.
  2. Pass the KYC procedure.
  3. Invest through the form in the "Investments" section, choosing the most convenient way for you.

Do you have a Bounty program? What do you charge bonuses for?

The announcement of the bounty of the company is presented on the bitcointalk resource. Registration in the company from the personal account of the service.